VoIP Phone Systems In Warrington & Call Recording

VoIP in Warrington for businesses is becoming increasing popular following the opening of our Crab Lane sales office in Warrington.

VoIP phone systems offer businesses the buying power to implement high quality phone systems without the large expense that would be required for ISDN or analgoue phone systems. Recently we have been offering businesses in Warrington the opportunity for a free consultations, free VoIP trials and test accounts with free minutes. This is so businesses in the Warrington area are able to sample the power and ease of VoIP phone systems without any effort and risk.

Broadband in the UK is now running at an average of 12MB down and 0.95MB up. Fibre optic connections are considerably faster than this. With either connections your are able to run a high quality VoIP phone system in Warrington allowing your business to improve how you handle customer contact.

For a recent client, being able tto record conversation was vital following a recent audit. This customer took credit card payments over the phone for confidential services. This meant that calls neededto be recorded, but omit the payment details (the last 3 digits on the signature strip). This is PCI compliance. The people taking the payments and making the calls could not have access to the web portal where the on / off button for call recording is usually located due to security concerns by the client.

To provice a solution within the VoIP phone system for this Warrington business, Saffwood Communications built a small, secure web portal which allowed each agent to toggle there call recording button on then off. This show a traffic light system (red and green) so they new what status the recording was in. This ensured that the other aspects of the web portal were kept away from agents, but still gave they the control.

the next aspect of this implementation was that the call recordings for the hosted VoIP phone system needed to be added to the clients CRM system. Again we were able to offer a simple process whereby the client could enter the telephone number called into a custom web portal which linked to the standard VoIP user interface. By searching the number, they were able to see all calls to and from this number, and click a link to download the audio file ready to be added to the CRM system.

As well as offering a robust call recording feature, the hosted VoIP phone system allowed this Warrington based business to reduce their call costs and line rental based on the old phone system they had in place (an old panasonic phone system).

Our advanced inbound call routing options also ensured that when customers called the business, an auto attendant would allow them to choose the department they wanted to speak to. As a core optional feature of our VoIP phone system, this ensured that customers were not transferred around the business, but spoke to the right person every time. As this client was growing in size and had also moved to bigger offices in Warrington, they needed to be able to queue callers if they received more calls than they were able to handle at once. As such, Saffwood Communications added an inbound VoIP call queue. This feature will seek available phone within the relevent hunt group, and if they are all engaged, queue the customer.

If you would like to speak to Saffwood, you can call us on 0845 241 1008. We are a national company based in Warrington, London and Leicester


Saffwood Communications is a Hosted Telephony provider to businesses. We specialise in SIP and VoIP. Our aim is to support businesses using outdated systems such as PSTN multiline and ISDN to move onto modern, robust telephony platforms. We support business of any size and are fanatical about customer care

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