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VoIP Phone Systems – Client Solutions

 In this blog we detail the requirements and solutions that our clients and prospective customers bring to us on a daily basis. This blog is not aimed at an exhaustive list of all enquiries and reflects how much spare time we have! (Not much these days).

 VoIP Phone System – Office Move – 29.08.14

A client based in Glasgow is moving office from one exchange area to another. They are moving within 6 weeks and have a single line at their current office. The have broadband and a PDQ machine on this single line. Their two main challenges are that when the line is busy with a call, no payments can be made on the PDQ, and likewise when the PDQ is active, they cannot make or receive any calls. When the line is busy with calls, any subsequent calls in hit an engaged tone. The client has two phone numbers, each representing a product line within the business and these must be transferred to the new premises which is not possible on a standard phone system.

At the new premises there is currently no broadband. Having the VoIP phone system live before the move date with numbers ported is vital. The client has also expressed that they want to know what happens if the internet goes down. Saffwood Communications in Warrington has been asked to suggest the broadband through one of its partners.

Saffwood Communications who are based in Warrington have firstly suggested that we provide two options for the two different phone numbers that the client has (one for each part of the business). On our VoIP phone system we will add in an auto attendant. This will greet any calls and give them two options, “Press 1 for XXX business, or press 2 for XXX business”. As the customer is happy for clients to know that they handle both parts of the business, this is not an issue. If the client did not want their customers to know they run two, then on the VoIP phone system Saffwood would suggest two different IVR’s, one for each number. This way when customers call, they would get the welcome message, and the users on the VoIP phone system would see on screen what business the call was for allowing the client to answer accordingly. Out of hours messages can also be applied to this option.

Behind the IVR’s will be an inbound VoIP phone system queue. This queue will look for any available lines and ring them immediately. This can be done together or in hunt groups. If all lines are busy, then the VoIP queue will inform the customer that they are on hold, their postion and the average wait time. Saffwood can add in two options at this point: the caller to press 1 at any point to be passed through to a hosted VoIP voicemail, or that after a certain number of seconds, that the VoIP phone system queue will automatically pass the caller to voicemail.

The client is looking to take 2 VoIP lines with 2 handsets. These VoIP enabled phones will come pre-configured and will just need plugging in. We are also adding in our redundancy option which means if the internet goes down at the client site, we calls will be routed to our redundancy cloud which will route the calls into up to 7 numbers including both landlines and mobiles allowing business calls to continue seamlessly.

Regarding broadband, we have arrange a 12 month agreement with free line installation, unlimited broadband and line rental for only £18.50 PM.

From a process perspective for getting the VoIP phone system live in good time and order, Saffwood Communications based in Warrington will firstly be ordering the broadband as this has the longest lead time of c3 weeks. This ensures that the VoIP phone system can have connectivity on the move date. We will request to port the numbers no less than 4 weeks before the move date allowing good time for this to take place. As one of the numbers to be ported is being used for phone calls and broadband, the client has been made aware that it is unavoidable that when this numbers ports that the line and broadband will go dead. Where the phone line is separate from the broadband, this is usually not an issue as the calls would instantly be routed onto the VoIP system, however in this scenario, the customer is aware and happy that will have to divert these calls to mobiles for a short period between Saffwood getting the number on the VoIP phone system and the customer moving in.

We have advised the customer that their current router is very low grade and will not support VoIP. We have suggested a Billion Bipac 7800N router and costed this into the solution.

The customer is very happy with the prices quoted, our knowledge of how to implement what they are looking for and the fact that we will own this process.

Serviced Office – 01.08.14

We have been engaged by a customer who has won a contract for a prestigious and well know insurance brand. He will be moving in 40 staff into a currently green fields office and require total kit out and a VoIP phone system solution including conferencing. His client has asked for capacity for 80 staff within two months. The VoIP solution will be small to start with as this is predominantly a back office solution. Saffwood in Warrington has been asked to lend its expertise in broadband to suggest a supplier and a connection type. The client will be using VPN connections to access systems remotely and has express that connectivity is totally paramount. Saffwood has also been asked to co-ordinate the kit out of the office including comms room, laying of data cables, trunking via floor to ceiling and electrical. We will using one of our trusted installers to handle this element of the implementation and Saffwood will be project managing the entire install.

For our VoIP phone system and conferencing, we have been asked to provide 5 VoIP handsets and 4 IP conference phones. We will be using Cisco 7940’s for our VoIP phones and Polycomm 5000 IP sound stations for conference phones. The VoIP phone system will be pre-configured to ensure that it can be plugged in and go live given the tight timescales.

For broadband to support the VoIP phone system we have suggested x2 Fibre Optic connections which we have confirmed are available. These offer the 80 / 20 profile with forecast speeds just below this. This will ensure maximum speeds for the 40 FTE and capacity for the 80 FTE. Manual load balancing has been suggested to ensure that data packets are not lost from the VoIP phone system when calls are made.

The installation dates for the broadband are a few days after the client moves his customer in. An Ethernet to Air solution is currently in place and this will support all connectivity for several days until the fibre goes live. Saffwood in Cheshire, Warrington, will provide x2 Billion 7800DXL routers for the fibre and is loaning the client x1 7800N router to use on the Ether to Air service. This is to ensure quality on all connections.

For inbound call handling, we will be uploading branded welcome messages and hold music from the client onto our system. We will be using a VoIP phone system queue to ensure that calls are not put through to voicemails or hit engaged. The call queue will also track all calls and report on answer times, abandoned calls and service level agreements.

For conferencing Saffwood is provided a dedicated conference suite with unlimited participants for each VoIP phone system conference phone to allow up to 4 concurrent conferences to take place.

The client is delighted with the solution and how this has been handled. Further orders have now been placed.

First Time Phone System – Recruitment Business – 15.07.14


Saffwood Communications is a Hosted Telephony provider to businesses. We specialise in SIP and VoIP. Our aim is to support businesses using outdated systems such as PSTN multiline and ISDN to move onto modern, robust telephony platforms. We support business of any size and are fanatical about customer care

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