VoIP Phone System Call Recording

Call Recording on Hosted VoIP Phone Systems From Saffwood

Call recording for businesses has major advantages. On traditional phone systems, having call recording implemented means the use of 3rd party software which is applied and the exchange, or for smaller businesses, hardware that plugs into the phone.

These two options have major downfalls for phone system users. The first is costly and offers an expence as a pence per minute is applied for the call recording, plus a monthly hosting fee for the service and storage space.

The second option means that recordings a stored on individual devices meaning accessing these reording in a quick, easy way is not possible.

With a hosted VoIP phone system for a small monthly fee per extension or user, call recording can be added.

As VoIP phone systems are in effect a software package, mean that all the equipment bar the handsets are stored by the supplier, you don’t need to pay high prices, or indeed a cost per minute.

Saffwood Communications supplies services for phone systems nationally. We are based in Warrington Cheshire and have a large presence in the area. Within the Warrington area we offer business a free VoIP trial including 100 free minutes of call time over a 14 day period.

Call recordings can be access via your VoIP web portal which comes as part of your phone system. Calls can be search for by number – this gives you a full history of all calls made to and from that number. You can also search by user and date, or all three for an accurate search.

Some VoIP providers, such as Saffwood, will only charge a fixed price and offer unlimited storage space for call recordings.

With our hosted VoIP phone service, you also get API’s which can turn call recordings both off and on. This is useful for when you only want to record part of a call, such as for PIC compliance.


Saffwood Communications is a Hosted Telephony provider to businesses. We specialise in SIP and VoIP. Our aim is to support businesses using outdated systems such as PSTN multiline and ISDN to move onto modern, robust telephony platforms. We support business of any size and are fanatical about customer care

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