Transform Your Business with VoIP phone systems

Transform Your Business with VoIP phone systems

VoIP, or as it is sometimes know, voice over Internet Protocol is the backbone for highly cost effective telephone contact. It also offers more advanced functions such as unified communication applications which can transform the way you run your business. VoIP phones can help your company reduce cost, improve how you work and enhance productivity far beyond that of ordinary business phones.

VoIP Phone system Terminology

  • VoIP refers to a way to handle calls over an IP data network infrastructure, whether on the Internet or your own internal internet. A benefit of a VoIP phone is its ability to help reduce expenses and boost features and services.
  • IP telephony offers the full suite of VoIP services:
    • The interconnection of VoIP to VoIP phones
    • Related services such as reduced billing
    • Basic features, such as conferencing, transfer, forward, and hold, call divert, hunt groups and more
  • IP communications includes applications which enhance communications on a VoIP phone, providing features such as:
    • Unified messaging
    • Integrated contact centers and call centres
    • Multimedia conferencing with voice, data, and video, email and more.
  • Unified communications takes IP communications further by using such technologies as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for ISDN customers and presence, along with mobility solutions (mobile connectivity), to unify and simplify all forms of communications on a VoIP phone, independent of location, time, or device.

VoIP Phone Service Quality

Most companies are using a VoIP phone throughout their own managed private networks as well as the public Internet. A private network helps ensure security and service quality. A VoIP phone system on a private network also gives better control over voice quality which is better than the quality provided by a traditional phone system.


Saffwood Communications is a Hosted Telephony provider to businesses. We specialise in SIP and VoIP. Our aim is to support businesses using outdated systems such as PSTN multiline and ISDN to move onto modern, robust telephony platforms. We support business of any size and are fanatical about customer care

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