Voip Phone Systems Setup

A VoIP phone system does not require installation. A true Hosted VoIP phone system will have all of the expensive equipment hosted in a secure data centes.

There are several key advantages of having a hosted phone system. Firstly cost: you only need an IP handset and potentially a new router to take advantage of a VoIP phone system. The IP handsets will connect to a TFTP server and download everthing it needs to register and go live.

As far as the rest goes, the phone system intelligence (hunt groups, voicemail, queuing, IVR etc) are all stored on the server in the data centre. As such as long as you can connect an IP phone to an internet cable, and plug the phone into the mains, you can setup a VoIP Phone System.

There are several considerations with using a VoIP service.

1) The router – even a new router does not always mean it is fully compatible with VoIP. Many routers have low memories and poor NAT services. These routers tend to allow outbound VoIP calls, but will block inbound. The solutions is to use a router which is approved for VoIP. Billion Bipac 7800N for ADSL and Billion DXL7800 for Fibre Optic are approved VoIP routers which ensure there are no signaling issues (IP phones not routing and releasing calls) and ensures inbound and outbound.

2) Routes – many VoIP phone system providers will take the cheapest possible SIP routes. To understand this it’s important to understand what a SIP carrier is. A SIP carrier is the equivelent of BT, Virgin or Talk Talk; they are the encomant network which carrier the voice signal. Unlike with analogue carrier (Talk Talk, Virgin, BT) there are hundreds if not thousands of VoIP SIP carriers. These routers / carriers are graded as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platimum. Each grade related to how effeciently the call is routed, the general call quality of the carrier, and the cost.

Many VoIP phone system providers will use bronze and silver routes to offer cheaper calls and line rental. The problem caused here is that the call quality and poor and there can be delays on the line as the call is being routed to overseas carriers before coming back into the UK.

Saffwood Communications is commited and gaurantees that we only use Gold and Platinum routes which ensures that call quality is better than analogue (with VoIP to VoIP the call quality is HD). By using high grade carriers we ensure that your business benefits from total assurance that you get a world class service.

3) Redundancy – hosting the equipment for a quality hosted VoIP phone service is expensive to the supplier. Many VoIP supplier self host their equipment on site meaning they are prone to data packet loss (calls dropping) and failure of hardware (total call loss). Saffwood Communiactions has a presence with 6 UK data centres, each one of them rated as A grade (the best) security and uptime level.

This means that if a data centre experiences a temporary loss of connectivity (it happens – that’s why your internet can go off sometimes) – our other 5 data centres instantly pickup that traffic meaning your service suffers no interuptions.

If you would like a quote for a hosted VoIP phone system, then visit our instant online quote page.


Saffwood Communications is a Hosted Telephony provider to businesses. We specialise in SIP and VoIP. Our aim is to support businesses using outdated systems such as PSTN multiline and ISDN to move onto modern, robust telephony platforms. We support business of any size and are fanatical about customer care

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