What Types of Business Benefit From VoIP

Saffwood Communications deals with a wide variety of business over multiple sectors and virticals.

Ultimately our hosted VoIP phone systems will benefit any business looking to improve communication and reduce cost.

Below we’ve put together a list of business types and how specifically we can benefit just these few:

How a Hosted VoIP Phone System can benefit a Recruitment Business:

Recruitment businesses tend to compartmentalised into the sectors their recruiters look after. For example: manufacturing, telecoms, labour. When recruitment businesses are running ads for jobs, the volume of calls can significantly rise with enquiries. Many of these follow the same format, IE: asking about the job, being asked to send a CV etc.

A recent recruitment business who have taken a VoIP phone system in Warrington was losing huge amounts of time during busy periods dealing with people who needed to send their CV in the first instance, but also with rec’ consultants taking calls for people calling in about jobs they were not dealing with.

Our hosted VoIP phone system has now taken away a huge amount of this issue by adding an IVR, otherwise known as an auto-attendant. This service sits at the forefront of your VoIP phone system and initially gives callers a branded welcome to the business. Following this, you can create a series of options. Whilst we reccomend that you keeps these to as few as required, you can add unlimited options and levels to our hosted VoIP IVR’s. In the case of the Warrington based recruitment business, this started with

“Press 1 if you have previously registered, or press 2 if you have never registered”. Instantly, and applicants who had not registered were taken to an automated message informing them they they need to send a CV to an email address and quote the job reference. This allowed the recruitment consultants to avoid having this same, timing consuming discussion dozens of times per day.

For callers who pressed option 1, the hosted VoIP phone system would then supply the next layer of options which related to the sectors that the consultants covered: “Press 1 for call centre, press 2 for labour, press 3 for admin” and so on. Our suggestion to this Warrington based business was that no matter which option the caller selected, the hosted VoIP phone system would pass the call and ring all lines. The call would also show what the caller had selected on screen. This solution meant that all consultants could see what the call was in relation to, and answer / ignore this based on whether it was their sector. By the phone call being pass to all consultants, if one was unavailable, others could field this phone call for them.

Another challenge that we were tasked with was how we can field calls to consultants when they leave the office but still have access to a mobile phone. This is something which our hosted VoIP phone system can easily accomodate, and we provided this Warrington based recruiter a few options that they could choose between at any time.

Their first options was a manual caller diversion from the VoIP phone. This means a consultant could press a button on their VoIP phone handset and choose to pass any calls made to it over to the consultants mobiles.

The second option is that any calls to their VoIP phone would automatically pass to their mobile after a duration of 20 seconds if not answered.

Lastly, we offered a twinning option, where the consultants mobile phone would ring at the same time their VoIP phone rang, allowing them to choose which phone they handled the call.

Within their hosted VoIP phone system, we also added in several of our free features such as voicemail to email which allowed voicemails left on the VoIP phone to be emailed directly to the consultant. This was the audiofile allowing the recruitment consultants to get their voicemails on the move.

How a Hosted VoIP Phone System can benefit a E-Fulfilment Business:

A challenge we were faced with was helping a busy E-fulfilment business deal with telephone orders. Their main issue was that their callers were regularly hitting engaged tones and answer machines when calling to place orders or chase existing ines.

VoIP was something that this businesses had looked into previously, however their internet speed was quite low and they were worried about call quality.

Our initial discussion with them centred around quality as this is something that Saffwood Communications is commited to. Our solution was to have a new line installed free of charge with unlimited broadband and line rental for only £18.50 PM. This was through our partner Talk Talk Business. This new line allowed unhindered capacity for our Hosted VoIP phone system to make and receive calls without being effected by other internet usage.

Following this line being installed, we were then able to put in place our VoIP phone system solution. The main objective here was to split sales and service calls allowing peak call management. We helped this fast growing and busy e-fulflment business find a call answering service who were able to take sales orders and process these for the business. In order to keep costs to a minimum, we placed a VoIP call queuing rule that stated any calls that had been held on the sales option for more than 30 seconds would only then  be passed to the answer service. This ensure that if the fulfilment business was not that busy, they could deal with this in the first instance. Principlally the service calls would be handled by the fulfilment business as these could be too complext for the VoIP phone system to pass to an external supplier, thus these calls were filtered through.

After a period of one month, we engaged with the business to look at the call queue reports which came with the hosted VoIP phone system. These clearly showed peak times during the day, such as lunch times, where call traffic was consistently spiking, and the hold times rising. it also showed that these periods had the highest number of customer aborts. Following this report from the VoIP phone system, the fulfilment business were able to take on temporary staff during these peak times to ensure that phone calls were answered in under 30 seconds.

As a result of this hosted VoIP phone system being installed, their business is now able to take more ordered and deal with customer service calls far more effeciently. In their latest customer servey, their customer satisfaction rating had risen by 18%.


Saffwood Communications is a Hosted Telephony provider to businesses. We specialise in SIP and VoIP. Our aim is to support businesses using outdated systems such as PSTN multiline and ISDN to move onto modern, robust telephony platforms. We support business of any size and are fanatical about customer care

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